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Finite Element Analysis for Design Engineers, 2nd Edition

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Title: Finite Element Analysis for Design Engineers, 2nd Edition
Author: Paul M. Kurowski
ISBN: 0768082315 / 9780768082319
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 284
Publisher: SAE
Year: 2017
Availability: In Stock
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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been widely implemented by the automotive industry as a productivity tool for design engineers to reduce both development time and cost. This essential work serves as a guide for FEA as a design tool and addresses the specific needs of design engineers to improve productivity. It provides a clear presentation that will help practitioners to avoid mistakes. Easy to use examples of FEA fundamentals are clearly presented that can be simply applied during the product development process. The FEA process is fully explored in this fundamental and practical approach that includes:

  • Understanding FEA basics
  • Commonly used modeling techniques
  • Application of FEA in the design process
  • Fundamental errors and their effect on the quality of results
  • Hands-on simple and informative exercises

This indispensable guide provides design engineers with proven methods to analyze their own work while it is still in the form of easily modifiable CAD models. Simple and informative exercises provide examples for improving the process to deliver quick turnaround times and prompt implementation.

This is the latest version of Finite Element Analysis for Design Engineers.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : From CAD Model to Results of Finite Element Analysis
Chapter 3 : Fundamental Concepts of Finite Element Analysis
Chapter 4 : Controlling Discretization Errors
Chapter 5 : Finite Element Mesh
Chapter 6 : Modeling Process
Chapter 7 : Nonlinear Static Structural Analysis
Chapter 8 : Nonlinear Material Analysis
Chapter 9 : Modal Analysis
Chapter 10 : Buckling Analysis
Chapter 11 : Vibration Analysis
Chapter 12 : Thermal Analysis
Chapter 13 : Implementation of Finite Element Analysis in the Design Process
Chapter 14 : Misconceptions and Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 15 : FEA Resources
Chapter 16 : Glossary of Terms
Chapter 17 : List of Exercises

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