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Financially Focused Project Management

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Title: Financially Focused Project Management
Author: Thomas Cappels
ISBN: 1932159096 / 9781932159097
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 328
Publisher: J.ROSS Publishing
Year: 2003
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The most up-to-date look at the ever-evolving project management field, Financially Focused Project Management supplies a wide range of strategies and methods to help you successfully meet the challenges of changing economic conditions, technology, resources, requirements, schedules, and budgets. Written by a best-selling author and expert with over 20 years of experience, this financially focused book contains project management methods that you can use to ensure your company successfully meets established consumer and shareholder expectations and investment community demands. Cappels’ clear and concise explanations of proven financially focused project management tools and techniques give you a varied and flexible skill set.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been saved, and billions more will be, when the worlds of Project Management and Finance are united as outlined in this text. Financially Focused Project Management is designed for use as a professional reference, training tool, and academic classroom text. It delineates the best practices of hundreds of successful companies, covers both the basics and advanced topics, and provides a unique approach that will help ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget and meet planned financial objectives.

Covers the latest advancements in project management office, project portfolio management, virtual project management, project management software, and much more

Illustrates how to apply a financially focused method that ensures company profits are always in the forefront of business decision making
Shows management teams how to effectively address the many financial, quality, ethical, and stakeholder-related issues that challenge domestic and global organizations
Contains case studies, exercises, and thought-provoking questions that reinforce learning

The Author
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Chapter 1. : Update on Project Management
Chapter 2. : Project Management Overview
Chapter 3. : Human Aspects of Project Management
Chapter 4. : The Project Team
Chapter 5. : Project Management Office, Portfolio Management, and Partnering
Chapter 6. : Proposals and Pricing
Chapter 7. : Project Planning
Chapter 8. : Assessing Project Risks and Potential Impacts
Chapter 9. : Project Resource Management and Performance Measurement
Chapter 10. : Project Audit, Termination, and Closure
Chapter 11. : Financial Administration and Financially Focused Project Management Training
Chapter 12. : Financially Focused Project Management Performers and Components
Chapter 13. : The Role of Quality in Project Management
Chapter 14. : Project Management in the 21st Century

Case Studies
Case Study A : Outsourcing Project-Machining Outsourcing Initiative
Case Study B : Perky Pets-Commercial Manufacturing Project
Case Study C : Implementing Financially Focused Project Management in Software Engineering
Case Study D : Tiara Plaza Hotel


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