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Estimating Building Costs

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Title: Estimating Building Costs
Author: Calin M.; Phaobunjong, Kan; Ovararin, Nuntapong, Popescu
ISBN: 0824740866 / 9780824740863
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 743
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
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Assessing today's construction industry in the United States, this volume analyzes the principles, practices, and techniques involved in estimating building costs-tailoring its content to meet the needs of students or busy professionals adapting to metrication in the U.S. as a result of direct involvement in international and governmental projects.

The first domestic book on the estimation of building costs to be completely written in metric units!

Equipped to meet various professional and academic objectives, Estimating Building Costs provides an introduction to the metric system and its applications in quantity measurements in building construction projects....unit prices and productivity and production rates in building construction....procedures and practices in building construction detail estimation......techniques to estimate job overheads costs....tips for bid preparation.....and numerous examples that measure and compute various unit costs in metric units.

Introductory Remarks
Units Conversion

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Types of Estimates
Chapter 3 : Estimating the Cost of Materials
Chapter 4 : Estimating the Cost of Labor
Chapter 5 : Estimating the Cost of Construction Equipment
Chapter 6 : The Bidding Process
Chapter 7 : Site Work
Chapter 8 : Concrete
Chapter 9 : Masonry
Chapter 10 : Metals
Chapter 11 : Wood
Chapter 12 : Thermal and Moisture Protection
Chapter 13 : Doors and Windows
Chapter 14 : Finishes
Chapter 15 : Mechanical Work
Chapter 16 : Electrical Work
Chapter 17 : Jobsite Overhead
Chapter 18 : Surety Bonds, Insurance, and Taxes
Chapter 19 : General Overhead, Contingencies, and Profit

Appendix A : MasterFormat Lite and UniFormat Life
Appendix B : Estimating Forms
Appendix C : Cost Estimating Software
Appendix D : Cost Estimating Sources
Appendix E : Construction Site Investigation Report

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