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Environmental Impact of Chemicals: Assessment and Control

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Title: Environmental Impact of Chemicals: Assessment and Control
Author: D. Taylor, David Taylor, Michael D. Quint, Rupert Purchase
ISBN: 0854047956 / 9780854047956
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 243
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
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This work contains a collection of views and theoretical discussions from industrialists, scientists and regulators which outline the legislative position and the status of the rapidly changing field of environmental risk assessment. It describes the underlying science of risk assessment, the problems associated with it and the difficulties involved in communicating the results to the general public. Written from an applied perspective, this work should be of interest to researchers and professionals in industry as well as to consultancy and governmental bodies.


Chapter 1 . : Overview of Risk Assessment and its Application
Chapter 2 . : The Role of Toxicology in Risk Assessment
Chapter 3 . : Toxicological Information from Animal Data: Methylene Chloride
Chapter 4 . : Dealing with Genotoxic Carcinogens: A UK Approach
Chapter 5 . : Dealing with Genotoxic Carcinogens: Refining the US Approach
Chapter 6 . : Epidemiological Investigation of Environmental Health Issues
Chapter 7 . : Integrated Pollution Control: Application of Principles to Establish BPEO and Batneec
Chapter 8 . : Guideline Values for Contaminated Land: Underlying RISK Assessment Concepts
Chapter 8 . : Contaminated Land and Water Quality Standards
Chapter 10 . : Opra (Operator and Pollution Risk Appraisal): A Practical System for Rating and Managing Environmental Risks from Industrial Processes
Chapter 11 . : Site - Specific Considerations in Risk Assessment
Chapter 12 . : Information Sources Covering the Environmental Impact of Chemicals
Chapter 13 . : The Acquisition of Environmental Data for Legislative Purposes
Chapter 14 . : Environmental Classification and Risk Assessment
Chapter 15 . : Communicating the Results of a Risk Assessment: Lessons from Radioactive Waste Disposal
Chapter 16 . : Risk Assessment and Reality: Recognising the Limitations

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