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Enterprise Performance Intelligence and Decision Patterns

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Title: Enterprise Performance Intelligence and Decision Patterns
Author: Vivek Kale
ISBN: 1498784690 / 9781498784696
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 228
Publisher: Auerbach
Year: 2017
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book introduces the concept of Performance Intelligence (PI). Centralized command and control methods that had worked in hierarchical organizations no longer can be effective in today's service economy. The need to be responsive to evolving customer needs and desires creates organizational structures where business intelligence (BI) and decision making is pushed out to operating units that are closest to the markets. Closed-loop decision making resulting from combination of on-going performance management with on-going BI can lead to an effective responsive enterprise; hence, the need for performance intelligence (PI).

  • Introduces the techniques available to handle and process enterprise data, namely, data warehousing, data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Tap into on-going operations data and suggest pattern of actions that are beneficial to the operations of the enterprise
  • Introduces performance intelligence (PI) as a combination of on-going performance management with on-going BI for the major functional areas within the enterprise
  • Details the cloud architectures, technologies and functionality that could be availed via the ‘pay-per-use’ model on the cloud


Chapter 1 : Decision Models
Chapter 2 : Data Warehouse Basics
Chapter 3 : Data Mining Basics
Chapter 4 : Online Analytical Processing
Chapter 5 : Decision Patterns
Chapter 6 : Enterprise Performance
Chapter 7 : Performance Management
Chapter 8 : Business Intelligence  
Chapter 9 : Intelligence Dashboards
Chapter 10 : Domain Enabled PI
Chapter 11 : PI on the Cloud


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