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Engineers' Handbook of Industrial Microwave Heating

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Title: Engineers' Handbook of Industrial Microwave Heating
Author: Roger Meredith
ISBN: 0852969163 / 9780852969168
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 377
Publisher: IEE
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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Of all the processes used in manufacturing industry, there can be little doubt that heating is the most commonplace. Presenting industrial microwave heating from an engineering base and integrating the essential elements of microwave theory and heat transfer with practical design, application and operational issues, this book is a comprehensive guide for readers working at a technical grade or above, or those moving into this field, who may not have a research physics background and require a clear, authoritative treatment of the subject.


Chapter 1 : Introduction and Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 2 : Microwave Interaction with Dielectric Materials
Chapter 3 : The Thermodynamic Aspects of Volumetric Heating
Chapter 4 : Microwave Transmission : Theory and Practice
Chapter 5 : Microwave Heating Applicators 1 : Multimode Ovens
Chapter 6 : Microwave Heating Applicators 2 : Aperiodic Structures
Chapter 7 : Microwave Heating Applicators 3 : Resonant Structures
Chapter 8 : Choking (Attenuation) Tunnels for Continuous-Flow Applicators
Chapter 9 : Microwave Generators 1 : Microwave Power Tubes
Chapter 10 : Microwave Generators 2 : Electrical Power Sources
Chapter 11 : Outline of Microwave Measurements on Components and Materials
Chapter 12 : Procedure for Testing High-Power Installations
Chapter 13 : Equipment Safety

Appendix A : Outline of the Economics of Industrial Microwave Processing
Appendix B : Specification of Industrial Microwave Equipment
Appendix C : Glossary of Terms and Symbols
Appendix D : F0 Values, Zvalues, Lvvalues and Dvalues
Appendix E : Q-Basic Program for Mode Counting in Multimode Ovens
Appendix F : Definitions of Moisture Content

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