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Engineering Heat Transfer

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Title: Engineering Heat Transfer
Author: William S. Janna
ISBN: 0849321263 / 9780849321269
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 704
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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Most of the texts on heat transfer available in recent years have focused on the mathematics of the subject, typically at an advanced level. Engineering students and engineers who have not moved immediately into graduate school need a reference that provides a strong, practical foundation in heat transfer-one that emphasizes real-world problems and helps develop their problem-solving skills.

Engineering Heat Transfer fills that need. Extensively revised and thoroughly updated, the Second Edition of this popular text continues to de-emphasize high level mathematics in favor of effective, accurate modeling. A generous number of real-world examples amplify the theory and show how to use derived equations to model physical problems. Exercises that parallel the examples build readers' confidence and prepare them to effectively confront the more complex situations they encounter as professionals.

Concise and user-friendly, Engineering Heat Transfer covers conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer in a manner that does not overwhelm the reader and is uniquely suited to the actual practice of engineering.

Contains over 20 percent new and updated material
Emphasizes practical issues and modeling rather than complex mathematics
Provides a multitude of drawings, graphs, and other figures important to clearly conveying information and critical to abstract studies like heat transfer
Includes numerous real-world examples and exercises that require the use of a computer
Develops problem solving skills slowly, methodically, and thoroughly

Chapter 1 : Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 2 : Steady-State Conduction in One Dimension
Chapter 3 : Steady-State Conduction in Multiple Dimensions
Chapter 4 : Unsteady-State Heat Conduction
Chapter 5 : Introduction to Convection
Chapter 6 : Convection Heat Transfer in a Closed Conduit
Chapter 7 : Convection Heat Transfer in Flows past Immersed Bodies
Chapter 8 : Natural-Convection Systems
Chapter 9 : Heat Exchangers
Chapter 10 : Condensation and Vaporization Heat Transfer
Chapter 11 : Introduction to Radiation Heat Transfer
Chapter 12 : Radiation Heat Transfer Between Surfaces


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