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Engineering Analysis : Interactive Methods and Programs with FORTRAN,Quick BASIC,MATLAB & Mathematic

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Title: Engineering Analysis : Interactive Methods and Programs with FORTRAN,Quick BASIC,MATLAB & Mathematic
Author: Y.C. Pao
ISBN: 084932016X / 9780849320163
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 384
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This book provides a concise introduction to numerical concepts in engineering analysis, using FORTRAN, QuickBASIC, MATLAB, and Mathematica to illustrate the examples. Discussions include :

Matrix algebra and analysis
Solution of matrix equations
Methods of curve fit
Methods for finding the roots of polynomials and transcendental equations
Finite differences and methods for interpolation and numerical differentiation
Numerical computation of single and double integrals
Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations

Engineering Analysis :
Teaches readers to become proficient in FORTRAN or QuickBASIC programming to solve engineering problems
Provides an introduction to MATLAB and Mathematica, enabling readers to write supplementary m-files for MATLAB and toolkits for Mathematica using C-like commands

The book emphasizes interactive operation in developing computer programs throughout, enabling the values of the parameters involved in the problem to be entered by the user of the program via a keyboard.

In introducing each numerical method, Engineering Analysis gives minimum mathematical derivations but provides a thorough explanation of computational procedures to solve a specific problem. It serves as an exceptional text for self-study as well as resource for general reference.

Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1 : Matrix Algebra and Solution of Matrix Equations
Chapter 2 : Exact, Least-Squares, and Spline Curve-Fits
Chapter 3 : Roots of Polynomial and Transcendental Equations
Chapter 4 : Finite Differences, Interpolation, and Numerical Differentiation
Chapter 5 : Numerical Integration and Program Volume
Chapter 6 : Ordinary Differential Equations – Initial and Boundary Value Problems
Chapter 7 : Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Problems
Chapter 8 : Partial Differential Equations

General Index
FORTRAN Commands and Programs Index
QuickBASIC Commands and Programs Index
MATLAB Commands and Programs Index
Mathematica Commands and Programs Index

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