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Emergency Response and Hazardous Chemical Management : Principles and Practices

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Title: Emergency Response and Hazardous Chemical Management : Principles and Practices
Author: Clyde B Strong, T. Rick Irvin
ISBN: 1884015778 / 9781884015779
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 248
Publisher: St. Luice
Year: 1996
Availability: In Stock
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Management of hazardous chemicals and materials-particularly during emergency release situations-is a critical part of routine training required for workers and professionals in the chemical, petroleum and manufacturing industries. Proper storage of highly reactive chemical agents, correct choice of protective clothing and safety issues in confined spaces are vital to operating facilities. Inattention to these and other issues covered in this book can result in a loss of life, dispersal of toxic chemical agents into the environment, or fire and explosion and subsequent legal liabilities.Emergency Response and Hazardous Chemical Management: Principles and Practices provides a concise reference for management and workers on the important issues regarding the use and management of hazardous chemicals as well as the critical issues in the emergency response management of uncontrolled releases of hazardous agents. This book combines practical information on hazardous chemical response and environmental management with scientific and management issues important in the development of sound chemical management planning. Important current topics such as hazardous chemical management in confined spaces are also covered in detail.


Chapter 1 : Introduction: Workplace Hazards During Chemical Emergency Response Actions
Chapter 2 : Chemistry and Properties of Hazardous Substances
Chapter 3 : Toxicology Principles
Chapter 4 : Monitoring and Detecting Hazardous Chemicals
Chapter 5 : Industrial Hygiene Issues
Chapter 6 : Medical Surveillance Programs
Chapter 7 : Respiratory Protection: Principles and Practices
Chapter 8 : Chemical Protective Clothing
Chapter 9 : Chemical Decontamination: Principles and Practices
Chapter 10 : Safety in Confined Spaces
Chapter 11 : Standard Operating Safety Procedures
Chapter 12 : Hazardous Chemical Spill Containment
Chapter 13 : Patching and Capping of Leaking Containers
Chapter 14 : Techniques for Spill Stabilization
Chapter 15 : Preparing Hazardous Waste for Transportation: DOT Hazardous Waste Transportation Requirements
Chapter 16 : Incident Analysis and Initial Response
Chapter 17 : Incident Command System

Appendix : 29 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

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