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Electronic Business Revolution : Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century

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Title: Electronic Business Revolution : Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century
Author: Friedrich Froschl, Peter Cunningham
ISBN: 3540662111 / 9783540662112
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 238
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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Electronic Business will create changes similar to those brought about by the Industrial Revolution. It will change our business, society, and governance. It is happening now!
Electronic Business is the integration of information technology (IT) and particularly the Internet into business processes. In the past 30 years IT has made processes more effective and efficient, but it has not fundamentally transformed them. Now, Electronic Business changes everything. The Internet is the catalyst: its eventual impact will be as great as or greater than that of the printing press.
The aim of this book is to point out the challenges and opportunities facing Europe and its companies. It is based on the authors' joint experience of over 40 years with IT in business, industry, and government.


Chapter 1 : Whirlwind of Change
Chapter 2 : Electronic Business Background
Chapter 3 : Electronic Business Technology
Chapter 4 : Electronic Business Barriers
Chapter 5 : Industry Examples for the 21st Century
Chapter 6 : Beyond Tomorrow
Chapter 7 : Myths and Imperatives of Electronic Business

Appendix A : Siemens Business Services
Positioned for the Future
Built-In Convergence
Exemplary Electronic Business Solutions
Internet Service Provider for Garanti Bank
NetBank AG: An Internet-Only Bank
Bank Austria: One-to-One Banking
TECCOM: E-Commerce for Vehicle Spares
Siemens Mall: E-Commerce-Business to Business
Smart Card Solution for Ruhr University Bochum
SBS Track Record
Appendix B : Glossary of Terms

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