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Electrochemical Processes For Clean Technology

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Title: Electrochemical Processes For Clean Technology
Author: Keith Scott
ISBN: 0854045066 / 9780854045068
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
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This text describes the technology and engineering of electrochemical systems that are relevant to clean technology, such as chemical synthesis, effluent treatment and recycling. It explains basic scientific and engineering principles and describes relevant cell and reactor technology using examples. It also emphasizes the increasing importance of electrochemistry in the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds for the bulk, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. The book features full coverage of effluent treatment and recycling for heavy and precious metals, organic contaminants, inorganic aqueous and gaseous effluents, and includes coverage of electrochemical membrane-based separations, and electrochemically enhanced processes such as ion exchange and ultrafiltration.


Chapter 1 . : Introduction
Chapter 2 . : The Electrochemical Cell and Reactor
Chapter 3 . : Electrode Process and Membrane Transport
Chapter 4 . : Electrochemical Cell Design and Engineering
Chapter 5 . : Electrochemical Membrane Separation Processes
Chapter 6 . : The Treatment of Industrial Process Streams and Effluents
Part 1 : Metal Recovery by Electrodeposition
Chapter 7 . : The Treatment of Industrial Process Streams and Effluents
Part 2 : Organic and Inorganic Species
Chapter 8 . : Electrochemical Synthesis

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