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Electric Energy Systems : Analysis and Operation

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Title: Electric Energy Systems : Analysis and Operation
Author: Antonio Gomez-Exposito Antonio J. Conejo Claudio Canizares
ISBN: 0849373654 / 9780849373657
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 664
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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Electric Energy Systems offers highly comprehensive and detailed coverage of power systems operations, uniquely integrating technical and economic analyses. The book fully develops classical subjects such as load flow, short-circuit analysis, and economic dispatch within the context of the new deregulated, competitive electricity markets. With contributions from 24 internationally recognized specialists in power engineering, the text also presents a wide range of advanced topics including harmonic load flow, state estimation, and voltage and frequency control as well as electromagnetic transients, fault analysis, and angle stability.


Chapter 1 : Electric Energy Systems—An Overview
Chapter 2 : Steady-State Single-Phase Models of Power System Components
Chapter 3 : Load Flow
Chapter 4 : State Estimation
Chapter 5 : Economics of Electricity Generation
Chapter 6 : Optimal and Secure Operation of Transmission Systems
Chapter 7 : Three-Phase Linear and Nonlinear Models of Power System Components
Chapter 8 : Fault Analysis and Protection Systems
Chapter 9 : Frequency and Voltage Control
Chapter 10 : Angle,Voltage and Frquency Stability
Chapter 11 : Three-Phase Power Flow and Harmonic Analysis
Chapter 12 : Electromagnetic Transients Analysis

Appendix A : Solution of Linear Equation Systems
Appendix B : Mathematical Programming
Appendix C : Dynamic Models of Electric Machines

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