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Efficiency and Power in Energy Conversion and Storage : Basic Physical Concepts

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Title: Efficiency and Power in Energy Conversion and Storage : Basic Physical Concepts
Author: Thomas Christen
ISBN: 1138626635 / 9781138626638
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 168
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book provides fundamental theoretical concepts for the understanding, the modelling, and the optimisation of energy conversion and storage devices. The discussion is based on the general footing of efficiency-power relations and energy-power relations (Ragone plots). Efficiency and Power in Energy Conversion and Storage: Basic Physical Concepts, is written for engineers and scientists with a bachelor-degree level of knowledge in physics. It contains:

  • An introductory motivation of the topic
  • A review on equilibrium thermodynamics
  • A primer to linear non-equilibrium thermodynamics and irreversible processes
  • An introduction to endo-reversible thermodynamics
  • The basics on the theory of Ragone plots
  • Derivations of efficiency-power relations or Ragone plots for illustrative examples like heat engines, batteries, capacitors, kinetic energy storage devices, solar power, photodiodes, electro-motors, transformers, and flow turbines
  • An excursion to impedance matching and the optimization of technical devices with respect to economic and related objectives


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Ragone Plots
Chapter 3 : Thermodynamics Basics
Chapter 4 : Energy, Entropy, and Efficiency
Chapter 5 : Entropy Production Rate
Chapter 6 : Endoreversible Thermodynamics
Chapter 7 : Entropy Generation Minimization
Chapter 8 : Efficiency-Power Relations
Chapter 9 : The Endoreversible Carnot Engine
Chapter 10 : Thermal Heat Storage
Chapter 11 : Battery Capacitor
Chapter 12 : Kinetic Energy Storage Devices
Chapter 13 : Electro-Motor
Chapter 14 : Super-Capacitor With Frequency Dependent Impedance
Chapter 15 : Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Chapter 16 : Economic Optimization
Chapter 17 : Net Present Value
Chapter 18 : Applications
Chapter 19 : Other Power Maximization Problems
Chapter 20 : Wind Turbine
Chapter 21 : Photovoltaics
Chapter 22 : Solar Power


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