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Effective Human Relations in Organizations, 5th Edition

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Title: Effective Human Relations in Organizations, 5th Edition
Author: Barry L. Reece, Rhonda Brandt
ISBN: 0395638925 / 9780395638927
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 558
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Year: 1993
Availability: In Stock
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The Eighth Edition relies on the Total Person approach to prepare students for the workplace by highlighting disparate factors such as phsycial fitness, self-awareness, emotional control, integrity, and values orientation.

The text looks at diversity in the workplace as a broad concept encompassing more than just race, ethnicity, and nationality?such as age, income level, education, and different styles of communication.


Part I : Human Relations: The Key to Success
Chapter 1 : Introduction to Human Relations
Chapter 2 : Improving Personal and Organizational Communications

Part II : Career Success Begins With Knowing Yourself
Chapter 3 : Attitudes Can Shape Your Life
Chapter 4 : Building High Self-Esteem
Chapter 5 : Understanding Your Communication Style
Chapter 6 : Motivating Yourself and Others
Chapter 7 : Personal and Organizational Values: Making the Nest Ethical choices

Part III : Personal strategies for Improving Human Relations
Chapter 8 : Building Trust With Constructive Self-Disclosure
Chapter 9 : Learning to Achieve Emotional Control
Chapter 10 : The Power of Positive Reinforcement
Chapter 11 : The Power of Positive Impressions

Part IV : If We All Work Together
Chapter 12 : Team Building: A Leadership Strategy
Chapter 13 : Managing Conflict Constructively

Part V : Special Challenges in Human Relations
Chapter 14 : Adapting to Personal and Work-Related Stress
Chapter 15 : Valuing Work Force Diversity
Chapter 16 : The Changing Roles of Men and Women

Part VI : You Can Plan for Success
Chapter 17 : A Life Plan for Effective Human Relations

Appendix : Human Relations Abilities Assessment Form the NWNL Workplace Stress Test
Chapter Notes
Name Index
Subject Index
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