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Do It Right the Second Time : Benchmarking Best Practices in the Quality Change Process

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Title: Do It Right the Second Time : Benchmarking Best Practices in the Quality Change Process
Author: Peter Merrill
ISBN: 1563271753 / 9781563271755
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 225
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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Is your organization looking back on its quality process and saying, "it failed"? Are you concerned that TQM is just another fad, only to be replaced by the next improvement movement? Don't jump ship just yet. Everyone experiences some failure in his or her quality improvement process. Successful organizations are different because they learn from their failures and do it right the second time.

The author takes you sequentially through the activities required to lead a lasting change from vision to final realization. More importantly, he stresses the balance between process improvement and people improvement.

Each brief chapter covers a specific topic in a framework, which leads you directly to the issues that concern your organization. Throughout the book are checklists, tables, questionnaires, and other helpful tools to support your quality implementation. In addition, Merrill supplies examples showing you what went wrong with other organizations and the successful course of corrections they made.

Publisher’s Message

Part 1 : The Reason
Chapter 1 : Why are We Doing This?
Chapter 2 : The Customer

Part 2 : The Foundation
Chapter 3 : The Vision
Chapter 4 : Culture
Chapter 5 : Quality Values

Part 3 : The Change
Chapter 6 : Resistance to Change
Chapter 7 : The Change Process
Chapter 8 : The Quality Management Team : Agents for Change
Chapter 9 : Leadership

Part 4 : The Processes
Chapter 10: Process Ownership
Chapter 11 : Measurement
Chapter 12 : Cost of Quality
Chapter 13 : Corrective Action

Part 5 : The People
Chapter 14 : Education
Chapter 15 : Communication
Chapter 16 : Teamwork
Chapter 17 : Recognition

Part 6 : The Continuity
Chapter 18 : Continuation
Chapter 19 : Using the Baldrige Criteria to Assess Quality Systems
Chapter 20 : ISO 9000
Chapter 21 : Using ISO 9000 to Drive Continuous Improvement
Chapter 22 : The New Organization

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