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Disinfection by-Products in Drinking Water: Current Issues

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Title: Disinfection by-Products in Drinking Water: Current Issues
Author: M. Farrimond, M. Fielding
ISBN: 0854047786 / 9780854047789
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 277
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This volume brings together contributors from water regulators, and water suppliers in Europe and North America to discuss the main issues associated with reaching a cost-effective balance between microbial and chemical risks. Overviews of the latest research are presented alongside illuminating case studies of the practical approaches taken by water companies and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic.


Chapter 1 : Water in Europe
Chapter 2 : Disinfection By-products - A View from North America
Chapter 3 : Disinfection By-product Formation: Dutch Approach of Control Strategies
Chapter 4 : The Impact of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) on the Formation of Inorganic Disinfection By-Products: Chlorite, Chlorate, Bromate and Iodate
Chapter 5 : Identification of Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products from Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Chloramine, and Chlorine
Chapter 6 : The Influence of UV Disinfection on the Formation of Disinfection By-products
Chapter 7 : Impact of Pre-Ozonation and Slow Sand Filtration on Disinfection By-products
Chapter 8 : The Effect of Nanofiltration on the Trihalomethane Formation Potential of Coloured Upland Waters
Chapter 9 : Chloramination: The Background to its Introduction, and the Management of Nitrite Formation in a Water Distribution System
Chapter 10 : Trace-level Determination of Bromate in Drinking Water by IC/ICP-MS
Chapter 11 : Field and Laboratory Methods for Bromate Determination in Drinking Water
Chapter 12 : On-line Monitoring of the River Trent - To Reduce the Level of THM Formation
Chapter 13 : DBP Standards and Regulations: The North American Situation
Chapter 14 : DBP Standards and Regulation: The UK and European Situation
Chapter 15 : Meeting Strict DBP Standards - The View of the European Water Industry
Chapter 16 : North West Water's Options for Compliance with the Proposed Revision of the European Drinking Water Directive Standard for DBPs
Chapter 17 : The Risks of DBPs in Perspective
Chapter 18 : Bromate Carcinogenicity: A Non-linear Dose Response Mechanism?
Chapter 19 : Developments in Microbiological Risk Assessment: From Cryptosporidium to BSE
Chapter 20 : The Use of Advanced Water Treatment Processes for the Reduction of Background Organics and Disinfection By-products
Chapter 19 : Treatment Strategies for Disinfection-Related Trihalomethane Formation: Impact of Colour in Public Water Supplies to Klaipeda, Lithuania
Chapter 21 : Applying Published Bromate Formation Data to Ozone Contactor Design
Chapter 22 : Production of Drinking Water without Chlorine: The Dutch Experience
Chapter 23 : Summary of Conference. Disinfection Products - The Way Forward

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