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Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling & Production

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Title: Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling & Production
Author: Norman J. Hyne, PhD
ISBN: 0878143521 / 9780878143528
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 625
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1991
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The most comprehensive upstream petroleum dictionary ever published. More than 20,000 definitions of words, phrases and abbreviations used in exploration, drilling and production with more than 500 illustrations. Definitions are written for use by both nontechnical and technical readers. Extensive appendices that include charts of drilling rigs and a beam pumper, giant oil and gas fields, United States and Canada geological features, sandstone and limestone classifications, drillstem test symbols, drilling and completion records, and many more.


Chapter 1: Drilling and completion records
Chapter 2: Rotary drilling rig
Chapter 3: Cable tool drilling rig
Chapter 4: Crank counterbalanced bean pumping unit
Chapter 5: Geological time scale
Chapter 6: Giant oil & gas fields
Chapter 7: Mineral properties
Chapter 8: Sandstone and limestone classifications
Chapter 9: Carbonate porosity
Chapter 10: Common geological map and log symbols
Chapter 11: Drill stem test symbols
Chapter 12: Flow sheet symbols
Chapter 13: Land subdivisions (U.S.)
Chapter 14: Geological features (U.S. and Canada)
Chapter 15: Unit conversion factors
Chapter 16: Atomic weights and numbers
Chapter 17: Greek alphabet


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