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Designing the Fitness Program

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Title: Designing the Fitness Program
Author: John Lecuyer
ISBN: 0912212926 / 9780912212920
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 351
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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Designing the Fitness Program examines the physical demands on public safety officers, as well as an array of related health and safety issues.

In proposing that each public safety organization implement a fitness program for its personnel, the author provides a variety of options for ensuring that the standards and test regimens adopted by a department are suitable, both in terms of individual members and the roles that they fulfill. LeCuyer's unique, thought-provoking analysis of test protocols will help organizations avoid many of the pitfalls associated with modern labor laws and declaring anyone, whether rehabilitated member or new recruit, fit for duty. Using his outlines for levels of participation and exercise prescription, a qualified fitness coordinator will be able to institute a viable program in any department, no matter how large or small the available budget. Whether fire or police, whether rural or metropolitan, public safety organizations worldwide will benefit from paying greater attention to the health and fitness of their members. This book is a prime tool for all concerned.

In-depth analysis of public safety's physical demands
A practical step-by-step approach
Provides a valid method for the development of tests and standards
Responsive to current standards and legislative directives
Applicable to both police and fire departments
Suitable for international use
Provides a design matrix using the concept of Levels of Participation (LOP)


Part 1 : Analysis
Chapter 1 : Identifying The Problem
Chapter 2 : Standards and Legal Aspects
Chapter 3 : The Labor/Management Agreement

Part 2 : Design
Chapter 4 : Fitness Defined
Chapter 5 : Basic Design Plan
Chapter 6 : The Design Matrix

Part 3 : Development
Chapter 7 : Staff and Resources
Chapter 8 : Test Selection and Development
Chapter 9 : Developing The Pilot Study
Chapter 10 : Conducting The Pilot Study

Part 4 : Evaluation
Chapter 11 : Standards and Statistics
Chapter 12 : Exercise Recommendations and Training
Chapter 13 : Evaluating The Program

Part 5 : Supplemental Programs
Chapter 14 : Work/Injury Management
Chapter 15 : Wellness
Chapter 16 : Physical Performance


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