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Design of Hydraulic Gates

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Title: Design of Hydraulic Gates
Author: Paulo C.F. Erbisti
ISBN: 9058096211 / 9789058096210
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 350
Publisher: Balkema
Year: 2004
Availability: Out of Stock
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Based on the author's extensive expertise and experience as an engineer of hydromechanical projects, this book describes the principal aspects of the design, manufacture, installation and operation of hydraulic gates. Specific topics are analysed in depth, such as the selection of the gate type, the limits of their use, estimating their weight, operative forces, hoisting systems, design of structure and support elements, seals and hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces. The use of recent technological advances, such as inflatable gates and fusegates is discussed. The book can be used as a text-book and manual for the design of gates. It features a number of worked examples, drawings and about 300 photographs to illustrate the concepts and methods involved, and covers several different types of gate and their support elements from a variety of applications.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Types of Gates
Chapter 3 : Basis for Selection of Gate Type
Chapter 4 : Hydrostatics
Chapter 5 : Structural Design
Chapter 6 : Embedded Parts, Guides and Supports
Chapter 7 : Estimating Gate Weights
Chapter 8 : Hydrodynamic Forces
Chapter 9 : Gate Operating Forces
Chapter 10 : Aeration
Chapter 11 : Gate Hoists
Chapter 12 : Materials
Chapter 13 : Gate Seals
Chapter 14 : Manufacture, Transportation and Erection
Chapter 15 : Trends and Innovation in Gate Design

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