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Design of Experiments Books

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An Introduction to Design of Experiments : A Simplified Approach

Author: Larry B. Barrentine
ISBN: 0873894448 / 9780873894449
Year: 1999
Availability: 15-30 days
Are you aware of how design of experiments can positively effect your work? Have you been avoiding DOE due to its mathematical structure? Now there is a tool that explains the basics of DOE with lit...
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Principles of Experimental Design and Analysis

Author: Alberto Garcia-Diaz, Don T. Phillips
ISBN: 0412605708 / 9780412605703
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
This book presents the fundamental concepts, theory and procedures used in the analysis of experimental data in a clear and concise fashion, without allowing the mathematical element to become unnec...
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Design of Experiments with Minitab, (With CD-ROM)

Author: Mathews, Paul
ISBN: 0873896378 / 9780873896375
Year: 2004
Availability: Out of Stock
Most of the classic DOE books were written before DOE software was generally available, so the technical level that they assumed was that of the engineer or scientist who had to write his or her own...
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RSM Simplified : Optimizing Processes Using Response Surface Methods for Design of Experiments, (With CD-ROM)

Author: Mark J. Anderson, Patrick J. Whitcomb
ISBN: 1138196282 / 9781138196285
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
RSM Simplified keeps formulas to a minimum and makes liberal use of figures, charts, graphs and checklists. It offers many relevant examples, with amusing sidebars and do-it-yourself exercises that ...
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DOE Simplified : Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, 3rd Edition

Author: Mark J. Anderson, Patrick J. Whitcomb
ISBN: 1482218941 / 9781482218947
Year: 2015
Availability: 15-30 days
Offering a planned approach for determining cause and effect, DOE Simplified: Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, Third Edition integrates the authors’ decades of combined experienc...
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Practical Design of Experiments (DOE) : A Guide for Optimizing Designs and Processes

Author: Mark Allen Durivage
ISBN: 0873899245 / 9780873899246
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
This book was written to aid quality technicians and engineers. It is a result of 30 years of quality-related work experience. To that end, the intent of this book is to provide the quality professi...
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