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Design and Analysis of Control Systems : Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2nd Edition

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Title: Design and Analysis of Control Systems : Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2nd Edition
Author: Arthur G.O. Mutambara
ISBN: 1032718803 / 9781032718804
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 794
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2024
Availability: Out of Stock
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Written to inspire and cultivate the ability to design and analyse feasible control algorithms for a wide range of engineering applications, this comprehensive text covers the theoretical and practical principles involved in the design and analysis of control systems. This second edition introduces 4IR adoption strategies for traditional intelligent control, including new techniques of implementing control systems. It provides improved coverage of the characteristics of feedback control, root-locus analysis, frequency-response analysis, state space methods, digital control systems and advanced controls, including updated worked examples and problems.


  • Describes very timely applications and contains a good mix of theory, application, and computer simulation.
  • Covers all the fundamentals of control systems.
  • Takes a transdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach.
  • Explores updates for 4IR (Industry 4.0) and includes better experiments and illustrations for nonlinear control systems.
  • Includes homework problems, case studies, examples, and a solutions manual.

This book is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students, professional engineers and academic researchers, in interrelated engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical, aerospace, mechatronics, robotics and other AI-based systems.


Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Control Systems
Chapter 2 : Modelling of Dynamic Systems
Chapter 3 : Dynamic System Response
Chapter 4 : Characteristics of Feedback Control Systems
Chapter 5 : Root Locus Design Methods
Chapter 6 : Frequency-Response Design Methods
Chapter 7 : State-Space Design Methods
Chapter 8 : Digital Control Systems
Chapter 9 : Advanced Control Systems
Chapter 10 : AI-Based Design and Analysis of Control Systems

Appendix A
Appendix B

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