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SAE J1050 : 2009

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SAE J1050 : 2009
Title: Describing and Measuring the Driver's Field of View

Pages: 24
Year: 2009
Publisher: SAE
Availability: Within 1-2 working days
  • Description

This SAE Recommended Practice establishes methods for describing and measuring the driver's field of view. The document describes three methods for measuring the direct and indirect fields of view and the extent of obstructions within those fields. The first method uses any single pair of eye points to determine the fields or obstructions that would be seen by an inspanidual driver. The second method uses the SAE Eyellipses defined in SAE J941 to determine the largest fields or obstructions that would be seen for a given percentage of the driving population. The third method uses specific eye points defined in SAE J941 to measure the extent of a specific field of view or obstruction for which those points were developed.

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