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Data Mining : Building Competitive Advantage, (Included With CD-ROM)

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Title: Data Mining : Building Competitive Advantage, (Included With CD-ROM)
Author: Robert Groth
ISBN: 0130862711 / 9780130862716
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 325
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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"Finally, here's a book that explains in plain English what data mining is and how it's used to improve a company's bottom line ...Groth takes a very complex and vast field and makes it comprehensible." Miguel A. Castro, Ph.D., President, Dovetail Solutions Data mining business solutions-practical, up-to-date, and hands-on! With data mining, you can achieve competitive advantage from the data you've already paid to compile. Data Mining: Building Competitive Advantage shows you how. You won't just learn the theory and concepts of data mining; you'll discover how to apply them-hands-on, through real applications! Coverage includes: *Case studies in banking, finance, retail, healthcare, direct marketing, and telecommunications *The data mining process, start to finish *Today's newest, most successful approaches and algorithms *Data mining pitfalls-and how to avoid them *A close look at industry-leading tools from AngossaA A and RightPointaA A Whether you're a manager, marketer, consultant, analyst, or database professional, Robert Groth will help you master data mining-and deliver all the competitive advantage it promises.About the Website The accompanying website includes full trial editions of two of the world's leading desktop data mining tools, Angoss KnowledgeSEEKERA (R) and RightPoint DataCruncher.

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Part 1 : Starting Out
Chapter 1 :
Introduction to Data Mining
Chapter 2 : Getting Started with Data Mining
Chapter 3 : The Data-Mining Process
Chapter 4 : Data-Mining Algorithms
Chapter 5 : The Data-Mining Marketplace

Part 2 : A Rapid Tutorial
Chapter 6 :
A Look at Angoss: KnowledgeSEEKER
Chapter 7 : A Look at RightPoint DataCruncher

Part 3 : Industry Focus
Chapter 8 :
Industry Applications of Data Mining
Chapter 9 : Enabling Data Mining through Data Warehouses

Appendix A : Data-Mining Vendors
Appendix B : Installing Demo Software
Appendix C : References

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