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Damage and Repair of Aerospace Composite Materials

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Title: Damage and Repair of Aerospace Composite Materials
Author: Charles Lu
ISBN: 076800098X / 9780768000986
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 144
Publisher: SAE
Year: 2019
Availability: 15-30 days
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Damage and Repair of Aerospace Composite Materials reports the latest developments on the detection and repair of composite structures from the perspective of ten SAE technical papers, especially chosen for this book.

This micro-collection of papers offers an overview of composite utilization on large-scale commercial aircraft as well as an outline of general damage inspection and repair of composite structures. On the damage detection side, really important techniques are explained, including:

  • Porosity inspection of large composite panels.
  • Damage detection of large composites using acoustic ultrasonic and radio frequency methods.
  • Discrimination of damaged and undamaged composite panels using acoustic emission sensors.
  • Automated defect inspection system integrated in the production line by utilizing laser sensors and cameras.

The latest studies in damage repair of composite structures are also presented, including:

  • the design of a bonded repair technique for multilayer laminate composite panels.
  • the analysis on the performance of bolted repair vs. bonded repair.
  • the method for economically repairing the holes on composites.
  • the development of a novel cutting tool for the scarf repair of composites.
  • the use the 3D-printing technology to repair gaps and steps in large composite panels.


Chapter 1 : Composite Structure Utilization-Commercial Airplanes
Chapter 2 : Porosity Assessment in Large Composite Components : Realization and Challenges
Chapter 3 : Detecting Damage and Damage Location on Large Composite Parts Using RFID Technology
Chapter 4 : Discrimination between Damaging and Non-Damaging Impact Events on Composite Structure using SHM Sensor Signal Analysis
Chapter 5 : AFP Automated Inspection System Performance and Expectations
Chapter 6 : Design and Evaluation of Novel Composite Aircraft Repairs
Chapter 7 : Design and Analysis of Aeronautical Repair: Fastened × Bonded
Chapter 8 : Economical Repair of Damaged and Discrepant Holes in Metals and Composites
Chapter 9 : New Cutting Tools for Repairs of Composites
Chapter 10 : End-Effector for Automatic Shimming of Composites


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