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Customer Centered Six Sigma : Linking Customers, Process Improvement, and Financial Results

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Title: Customer Centered Six Sigma : Linking Customers, Process Improvement, and Financial Results
Author: Earl Naumann and Steven Hoisington
ISBN: 0873894901 / 9780873894906
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 340
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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Businesses are continuously forced to innovate due to influential factors such as increased customer expectation, technological change, and global competition. Due to continuous innovation, customers are constantly expecting more, and maintaining a higher level of customer satisfaction becomes more and more difficult. Many companies around the world are staying on-top of these changes with the Six Sigma initiative, which stresses continual innovation and process improvement.

Customer Centered Six Sigma provides readers with a fundamental, yet comprehensive, approach to thoroughly involving customer requirements into all aspects of your organization's business. This book offers a basic understanding of the Six Sigma initiative, placing emphasis on the consideration and implementation of customer input throughout the process. The authors present a high-level review of basic Six Sigma tools for gathering customer requirements, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, and managing organizational processes and problems. The entire book discusses the involvement and alignment of the customer with the organization's processes and culture. Each chapter's points are reinforced with case-studies which emphasize key lessons learned.

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Part I Why Six Sigma?
Chapter 1 : Becoming Customer Centered Is Not a Choice
Chapter 2 : Linking the Customer, Customer Satisfaction and Six Sigma Results to Financial Performance

Part II Capturing the Voice of the Customer
Chapter 3 : Global Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Chapter 4 : Transaction Surveys
Chapter 5 : Customer Loyalty Analysis
Chapter 6 : Complaint Management Systems
Chapter 7 : Building Relationships With Key Accounts

Part III Preparing the Organization for Six Sigma
Chapter 8 : Corporate Strategy/Leadership
Chapter 9 : Selecting the Right Processes
Chapter 10 : Forming the Six Sigma Teams

Part IV Six Sigma Tools, Techniques, and Implementation
Chapter 11 : Alignment of Customer Needs and Process Performance
Chapter 12 : Analyzing Processes and Identifying Problems
Chapter 13 : Problem Solving
Chapter 14 : Securing Management Support for Changes
Chapter 15 : Implementation
Chapter 16 : Determining Process Capability
Chapter 17 : Summary and the Future

Appendix A : IBM Rochester Correlation on Measurement of Employee Satisfaction, Cost of Quality, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction and Market Share
Appendix B : Companies/Organizations That Comprise the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
Appendix C : Johnson Controls Lost Customers Survey
Appendix D : Vision 2000-Total Customer Satisfaction

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