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Cost-Effective Remediation and Closure of Petroleum-Contaminated Sites

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Title: Cost-Effective Remediation and Closure of Petroleum-Contaminated Sites
Author: Douglas C. Downey, Robert E. Hinchee, Ross N. Miller
ISBN: 1574770713 / 9781574770711
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 320
Publisher: Battelle Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This book provides environmental managers and their supporting technical specialists with a comprehensive strategy for cost-effectively cleaning up soils and groundwater contaminated by petroleum releases. It includes the most recent advances in site investigation techniques, low-cost remedial approaches, and technologies.

It uses a "risk-based" process to answer key questions involved in developing a remediation or closure plan for a petroleum spill site. Several approaches are described that include risk management methods which use institutional controls to isolate contaminates from human contact and long-term monitoring to verify that natural attenuation is reducing future risk. More traditional risk evaluations and simplified RCBA methods are presented that use site-specific exposure assumptions to develop risk-based cleanup objectives. Case studies illustrate how various combinations of land-use control, site-specific risk analysis, natural attenuation and focused source reduction technologies have been used to obtain risk-based closures at sites across the United States.

Tables and Figures
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Site Closure Strategies
Chapter 3 : Site Characterization
Chapter 4 : Evaluating Source Reduction Technologies
Chapter 5 : Plume Remediation
Chapter 6 : Documentation

Appendix A : Case Studies
Appendix B : Overview of Applicable Regulations
Appendix C : Documenting Natural Attenuation
Appendix D : Developing Risk-Based Cleanup Goals
Appendix E : Remediation Time and Cost Estimates and Recommended Pilot Testing
Appendix F : Recommended References

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