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Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring

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Title: Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring
Author: R. Winston Revie
ISBN: 0471742481 / 9780471742487
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 383
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2007
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The comprehensive reference on modern techniques and methods for monitoring and inspecting corrosion

Strategic corrosion inspection and monitoring can improve asset management and life cycle assessment and optimize operational budgets. Advances in computer technologies and electronics have led to very efficient tools for monitoring and inspecting corrosion, including impedance spectroscopy, electrical field signatures, acoustic emissions, and radiographs. This up-to-date reference explains both intrusive and non-intrusive methods of measuring corrosion rates. It covers:

  • The impact of corrosion on the economy and the safe operation of systems in diverse operational environments
  • The various forms of corrosion, with a focus on the detectability of corrosion damage in the real world
  • The principles of risk-based inspection and various risk assessment methodologies (HAZOP, FMECA, FTA, and ETA), with examples from industry
  • The monitoring of microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), cathodic protection (CP) systems, and atmospheric corrosion
  • Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, including visual, ultrasonic, radiographic, electromagnetic, and thermographic inspection
  • Roadmaps used by various industries and organizations for carrying out complex inspection and monitoring schedules

Complete with graphics and illustrations, this is the definitive reference for professionals involved in the maintenance of industrial systems and structures, from oil exploration to chemical plants and infrastructures; consultants; property managers; and civil, materials, and construction engineers.


Chapter 1 : Corrosion and its Cost in a Modern World
Chapter 2 : Corrosion Detectability
Chapter 3 : Maintenance, Management, and Inspection Strategies
Chapter 4 : Corrosion Monitoring
Chapter 5 : Nondestructive Evaluation

Appendix A : SI Units Conversion Table
Appendix B

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