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Corporate Safety Compliance : OSHA, ETHICS, and The Law

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Title: Corporate Safety Compliance : OSHA, ETHICS, and The Law
Author: Thomas D. Schneid
ISBN: 1420066471 / 9781420066470
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 316
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2008
Availability: 15-30 days
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Safety and health professionals face potential legal and ethical issues on an almost daily basis. In a landscape of changing responsibilities and new laws, they often make difficult decisions that can result, in hindsight, in the creation of legal issues and liabilities for themselves and their companies. Written by occupational health and safety expert Ton Schneid, Corporate Safety Compliance: OSHA, Ethics, and the Law provides guidance though the maze of legal issues involving OSHA and OSHRC and how to avoid potential legal liability.

Tackling safety and ethical issues head on, Schneid explores issues in criminal liability for individuals and corporations under the OSHA Act and state criminal codes. He includes methods for achieving and maintaining OSHA compliance, using specific case studies to illustrate ways to avoid or minimize the impact of legal issues. The text addresses not only OSHA regulations and standards but also the legal aspects up to and including OSHRC decisions on specific issues. Additionally, the author examines the ethical issues involved in many of the legal aspects of the safety issues as well as ethical issues in the day-to-day management of safety and health.

The mere mention of the word OSHA scares many people. Often, OSHA has been the much maligned federal agency that was the brunt of attacks from both management and labor organizations. Tom Schneid elucidates the potential legal and ethical issues of the new industrialized workplace. His proactive approach helps you avoid or minimize potential liabilities, where possible, but also gives you the tools to be prepared and knowledgeable in the unique appellate process with OSHA and the OSHRC.

About the Author

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : History of OSHA
Chapter 3 : OSHA Inspection Procedures
Chapter 4 : Corporate Compliance Management
Chapter 5 : Preparing for an Inspection
Chapter 6 : OSHA Penalty Structure
Chapter 7 : Defenses to an OSHA Citation
Chapter 8 : Criminal Sanctions under the OSH Act and Beyond
Chapter 9 : Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Chapter 10 : Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Appeal Procedures
Chapter 11 : Operational Compliance
Chapter 12 : Multi-Employer Worksite Issues
Chapter 13 : Workers’ Compensation and Safety
Chapter 14 : Other Litigation Issues
Chapter 15 : Other Laws Affecting the Safety Function
Chapter 16 : Ethics in the Safety Profession
Chapter 17 : Emerging Issues in Safety

Appendix A : Rights and Responsibilities under the OSH Act
Appendix B : Guide to Review Commission Procedures: Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (August 2005)
Appendix C : SAMPLE Corporate Compliance Program Checklist
Appendix D : The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Appendix E : Secretary of Labor v. Summitt Contractors, Inc., Respondent (OSHRC Docket No. 03-1622)
Appendix F : OSHA: Employee Workplace Rights
Appendix G : OSHA Field Inspection Reference Manual CPL 2.103, Section 8 — Chapter IV. Post-Inspection Procedures
Appendix H : Workplace Violence: Hazard Awareness
Appendix I : The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Appendix J : CPL 02-00-124 — CPL 2-0.124 — Multi-Employer Citation Policy


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