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SAE J2337/1 : 2014

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SAE J2337/1 : 2014
Title: Connections for Fluid Power and High Pressure Use--Ports, Stud Ends, and Plugs with ISO 261 Threads and O-Ring Sealing--Part 1: Ports with Recessed Conical Seat Requirements, Dimensions, Design, and Test Methods

Format: Print
Pages: 8
Year: 2014
Publisher: SAE
Availability: 15-30 days
  • Description

Purpose This part of SAE J2337 specifies dimensions, design, and performance requirements for eight ports using a conical seal to insure leak proof performance with a design factor of 4 to 1. Field of Application These connectors are intended for general and hydraulic systems on industrial equipment and commercial products, where elastomeric seals are acceptable to overcome leakage and variations in assembly procedures. These connectors are capable of providing leak proof full flow connections in hydraulic systems operating from 95 kPa vacuum to the working pressures shown in Table 1. Since many factors influence the pressure at which hydraulic systems will or will not perform satisfactorily, these values should not be construed as guaranteed minimums. For any application, it is recommended that sufficient testing be conducted and reviewed by both the user and manufacturer to ensure that the required performance levels are met. For use of these connectors in conditions outside the pressure and temperature limits specified, contact the manufacturer.

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