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Concrete Bridges

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Title: Concrete Bridges
Author: Paul Mondorf
ISBN: 0415393620 / 9780415393621
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1010
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2006
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Emanating from a lifelong career in bridge engineering, this well-illustrated volume is an invaluable reference for students and practitioners involved in the design, construction, maintenance and repair of concrete bridges.
Focussing mainly on the structural concept of bridges, Mondorf covers the design criteria of an array of bridges, including slab-and-girder, frame, arch, suspension, single and multispan bridges, as well as the maintenance and aesthetics. For each type, the factors affecting structural design are highlighted and the design requirements are used to demonstrate how project requirements may guide the choice of a design solution.A valuable guide from an established authority, Concrete Bridges will be an asset to any structural engineer, both student and practising.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Slab and Girder Bridges in General
Chapter 3 : Statically Determinate Slab and Girder Bridges
Chapter 4 : Multispan Slab and Girder Bridges, Continuity in the Bridge Deck
Chapter 5 : Continuous Slab and Girder Bridges with Very Short Spans
Chapter 6 : Continuous Slab and Girder Bridges with Short Spans, in Particular Motorway Bridges
Chapter 7 : Continuous Slab and Girder Bridges with Medium Range Spans
Chapter 8 : Continuous, Long Span Girder Bridges, in Particular Cantilever Bridges
Chapter 9 : Frame Bridges
Chapter 10 : Arch Bridges
Chapter 11 : Stay Bridges
Chapter 12 : Bridge Bearings
Chapter 13 : Expansion Dams
Chapter 14 : Bridge Foundations – A Survey of the Structural Possibilities
Chapter 15 : Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 16 : Bridge Aesthetics – Some Main Features


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