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Conceptual Design for Engineers

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Title: Conceptual Design for Engineers
Author: Michael French
ISBN: 1852330279 / 9781852330279
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 252
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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Why buy a book on engineering design first published nearly thirty years ago? Because it remains up-to-date, intellectually stimulating and realistic. Unlike most texts in the field, it relates design closely to the science and mathematics that are students' chief concern, and shows their relevance. It shows how to make simple but illuminating calculations such as mark the work of great engineers, and how to achieve insight and the invention that often springs from it. It covers design principles thoroughly: these are a great practical aid to designers but receive only limited mention elsewhere. It is, and remains, an original book. Though some of the ideas in it which were novel in 1971 are now widely accepted, others remain new.

Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Units and Symbols

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Combinative Ideas
Chapter 3 : Optimisation
Chapter 4 : Insight
Chapter 5 : Matching
Chapter 6 : Disposition
Chapter 7 : Kinematic and Elastic Design
Chapter 8 : Costs
Chapter 9 : Various Principles and Approaches
Chapter 10 : Conclusion

Appendix : An Annotated List of Design Principles

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