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Commodity Trading Manual

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Title: Commodity Trading Manual
Author: Chicago Board of Trade
ISBN: 1888998148 / 9781888998146
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 450
Publisher: GPCo
Year: 1997
Availability: Out of Stock
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The 1998 edition of the Commodity Trading Manual, the first and most accessible guide to the futures industry, continues to provide new industry professionals and potential end users with a comprehensive overview of the market.

The CTM gives an inside look on day-to-day exchange operations, and five cash market chapters provide a solid grasp of the market fundamentals. A glossary, a directory of major futures exchanges worldwide, and specifications for the most actively traded futures and options contracts are included.

The CTM looks both at futures? past, from ancient Greece to old Chicago, and futures? future, with updated coverage of major industry trends--the rise of new and international markets, OTC derivatives, and electronic trading. Chapters end with annotated bibliographies for more information.


Section I : The Futures Market Universe
Chapter 1 : Futures%u2019 Past: Development of the Marketplace
Chapter 2 : Why Futures? Overview of Futures Trading
Chapter 3 : Futures Exchanges: Auction in Action
Chapter 4 : Futures Commission Merchants: Putting the Customer First
Chapter 5 : Clearing Operations: Preserving Market Integrity I
Chapter 6 : Market Regulation: Preserving Market Integrity II

Section II : Market Foundations
Chapter 7 : Hedging in the Futures Markets: Managing Risk
Chapter 8 : Speculating in the Futures Markets: Providing Liquidity
Chapter 9 : Price Analysis: Fundamental and Technical Approaches
Chapter 10 : Spreading: From Butterflies to the Crush
Chapter 11 : Options on Futures: More Trading Dimensions

Section III : Underlying Markets
Chapter 12 : Agricultural Markets: Grains, Oilseeds, Livestock
Chapter 13 : Financial Markets: Debt Instruments, Stock Indexes, Currencies
Chapter 14 : Metals Markets: Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum
Chapter 15 : Forest, Fiber, and Food Markets: Lumber, Cotton, Orange Juice, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee
Chapter 16 : Energy Markets: Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Electricity

Section IV : The Future of Futures
Chapter 17 : Competition, Complementarity, Convergence: OTC, International, and Electronic Markets

Directory of Futures Exchanges
Synopsis of U.S. Futures Exchanges
Top-Traded Contracts
Contract Specifications

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