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Chemical Reactor Design

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Title: Chemical Reactor Design
Author: Peter Hariott
ISBN: 0824708814 / 9780824708818
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 448
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2003
Availability: 15-30 days
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Offering strategies to analyze and interpret kinetic data for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, this text/reference presents principles and techniques for the evaluation, assessment, and optimization of reactors in the manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, and food processing industries-illustrating practical design procedures, rate equations, and analytical models for improved reactor performance.
Presents case studies and worked examples to illustrate key concepts in the text.
Chemical Reactor Design contains guidelines for scaleup of laboratory and pilot plant result.....methods to derive the correct reaction order, activation energy, or kinetic model from laboratory tests.......and theories, correlations, and practical examples for 2-and 3-phase reaction systems, including bubble columns, slurry reactions, trickle-bed reactors, and fluidzed beds....and analyzes heat and mass transfer phenomena in various reactor types.....the effect of heat and mass transfer, nonideal flow patterns, and pore diffusion on the conversion and slectivity of industrial reactions.....and the importance of pellet size, pore structure, and impregnation technique in catalyst function.

Appendix : Diffusion Coefficients for Binary Gas Mixtures

Chapter 1 : Homogeneous Kinetics
Chapter 2 : Kinetic Models for Heterogeneous Reactions
Chapter 3 : Ideal Reactors
Chapter 4 : Diffusion and Reaction in Porous Catalysts
Chapter 5 : Heat and Mass Transfer in Reactors
Chapter 6 : Nonideal Flow
Chapter 7 : Gas-Liquid Reactions
Chapter 8 : Multiphase Reactors
Chapter 9 : Fluidized-Bed Reactors
Chapter 10 : Novel Reactors


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