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Catalytic Air Pollution Control : Commercial Technology, 2nd Edition

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Title: Catalytic Air Pollution Control : Commercial Technology, 2nd Edition
Author: Robert J. Farrauto, Ronald M. Heck, Suresh T. Gulati
ISBN: 0471436240 / 9780471436249
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 416
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2002
Availability: In Stock
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The First Edition of Catalytic Air Pollution Control: Commercial Technology, published in 1995, was met with great success by readers who appreciated the focused approach to real-world catalysis as applied to air pollution control technologies. Based on the five-star rating, extensive sales, and positive reviews, the authors have expanded and updated the original four parts and added additional chapters while retaining the practical description of the catalysts and processes in clear and simple language.

The first five chapters describe the fundamentals of catalysts and catalysis. Two new chapters have been added on the chemical and physical properties of monoliths, the support of choice for environmental applications. Included are chapters on fuel cells/ fuel processing and novel approaches for purifying ambient air. The current technologies for controlling emissions from mobile and stationary sources include:

Mobile sources

  • Control of hydrocarbons, nitric oxides, carbon monoxide, and particulate emissions from gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, handheld tools, etc.
  • Chemical and physical properties of monolithic substrates for automobile and diesel engines
  • Decomposition of ozone that enters the cabin of wide-body aircraft

Stationary sources

  • Catalytic conversion of emissions from gas turbines
  • Organic compound abatement from chemical plants and restaurants
  • Reduction of nitrogen oxides from stiochiometric, rich and lean burn engines, and zero emission catalytic combustion

Emerging technologies

  • Description of the catalytic challenges for five different fuel cell technologies and hydrogen generation for fuel cell applications
  • Ambient air cleanup from mobile and stationary sources

This book also contains an extensive bibliography with simplified descriptions of key parameters for compliance with worldwide regulations. The Second Edition of Catalytic Air Pollution Control promises to be an essential professional companion for all scientists and engineers including air pollution engineers, automotive engineers, chemists, chemical engineers working on emission control, and regulators.

Acknowledgements, First Edition
Acknowledgements, Second Edition

Part I : Fundamentals
Chapter 1 :
Catalyst Fundamentals
Chapter 2 : The Preparation of Catalytic Materials : Carriers, Active Components, and Monolithic Substrates
Chapter 3 : Catalyst Characterization
Chapter 4 : Monolithic Reactors for Environmental Catalysis
Chapter 5 : Catalyst Deactivation

Part II : Mobile Source
Chapter 6 : 
Automotive Catalyst
Chapter 7 : Automotive Substrates
Chapter 8 : Diesel Engine Emissions
Chapter 9 : Diesel Catalyst Supports and Particulate Filters
Chapter 10 : Ozone Abatement within Jet Aircraft

Part III : Stationary Sources
Chapter 11 :
Volatile Organic Compounds
Chapter 12 : Reduction of NOx
Chapter 13 : Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbon Abatement from Gas Turbines

Part IV : New and Emerging Technologies
Chapter 14 :
Small Engines
Chapter 15 : Ambient Air Cleanup


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