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Case Studies in Strategic Planning

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Title: Case Studies in Strategic Planning
Author: Hakan Butuner
ISBN: 1498751229 / 9781498751223
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 199
Publisher: Auerbach
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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Case Studies in Strategic Planning shows you how to do systematic strategic planning in real-life cases, regardless of your level of expertise. The simplified version of this methodology and its analysis tools, based on fundamentals, are easily understood and universally applied to any type of business for developing strategic plans. More importantly, this methodology guides you in identifying the circumstances in which you might use particular tools, use them effectively, and target them directly at achieving effective results.

The book is organized into two parts: Part I provides the overall framework and describes the systematic pattern of strategic planning. Part II demonstrates case studies, most of which are entrepreneurial and related to new businesses.

The book is written for two groups: The first group includes professional strategic planners and students who are interested in strategic planning. This group may be skilled at making strategic plans but do not fully understand that a strategic plan for any business involves variables specific to a particular business process. Their conventional approaches must be replaced by broader analyses and individual and factual analyses of specifics by group opinions and evaluation of convenience or preference.

The second group is made up of professionals unskilled in the techniques of strategic planning. This group might include owner/managers of small businesses, managers who are generally familiar with strategic planning, and department heads who do their own planning. Regardless of which group you fit into, or your level of expertise, you will find this book to be specific, simple to understand, and easy to use.


Part I : Systematic Strategic Planning (SSP)
Chapter 1 :
Systematic Pattern of Strategic Planning
Chapter 2 : Sample Outline for Strategic Plan
Chapter 3 : Working Forms

Part II : Case Studies
Chapter 4 :
Visual Co.
Chapter 5 : CGA Technologies
Chapter 6 : Tchibo
Chapter 7 : Life…to Go!
Chapter 8 : Natural Food
Chapter 9 : Speedy
Chapter 10 : Unified Tracking Solutions
Chapter 11 : Abler by Robomedika
Chapter 12 : Schneider Electric


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