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CMTI : Machine Tool Design Handbook

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Title: CMTI : Machine Tool Design Handbook
Author: Cmti
ISBN: 0074515640 / 9780074515648
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 975
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2017
Availability: In Stock
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This handbook is a comprehensive collection of useful design data and reference material needed both by practicing machine tool engineers and engineering students. This fully indexed volume covers design of machine elements, machine tool design practices, electrical and hydraulic systems of machine tools, machining data together with standard mathematical and basic engineering reference data. The handbook presents various aspects of machine tool design with suitable illustrations and tables contributed by senior designers in the field of machine tools. It is an authoritative practically oriented handbook consolidating the theoretical and working design practices. The handbook aims to serve students, design engineers and development engineers of machine and equipment with guidelines for making reliable and practical solutions. It will be an indispensable handbook in the field of machine tools and production engineering.

Basic Reference Data
Drawing Standards
Screw Threads and Threaded Fasteners
General Engineering Tables
Machine Elements
Shafts, Keys and Splines
Toothed Clutches
Uni-Directional Clutches (Roller Type)
Safety Clutches(Overload)
Friction Clutches
Universal Joints
Roller Chains
Toothed Gearing
Spur and Helical Gears
Internal Gears
Measurement Over Rollers for Gears
Table for Various Gear Ratios and No. of Teeth
Crossed Helical Gears
Worm Gearing
Bevel Gearing
Planetary Gearing
Calculations of Bearing Loads Due to Different Types of Gears
Information for Giving Gear Data on Drawings
Helical Compression Springs
Helical Tension Springs
Helical Torsion Springs
Flat Spiral Springs
DISC Springs
Machine Tool Design
Tolerances and Fits
Surface Roughness
Machine Tool Tables-Sizes
Quality of Scraped Surfaces
Guideways for Machine Tools
Machine Tool Sindles
Lubricants and Lubrication
Gear Boxes for Machine Tools
Machining Data
Power and Force Requirements
Cutting Conditions
Tool Geometry
Materials and Heat Treatment
Cast Iron
Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
Non-Metallic Materials
Hardness Conversion
Heat Treatment of Steels
Electrical Equipment for Machine Tools
Design and Installation of Electrical Equipment
Electric Motors
Electrical Elements
Guide for Selection of Fuses and Wires
Graphical Symbols for Electrical Circuits
Coolant Pump
Oil Hydraulics in Machine Tools
Hydraulic Fluids and Fluid Flow
Hydraulic Elements
Hydraulic Systems
Applications in Machine Tools
Hydraulic Reference Data

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