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Business Process Engineering : Reference Models for Industrial Enterprises, Study Edition

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Title: Business Process Engineering : Reference Models for Industrial Enterprises, Study Edition
Author: A.W. Scheer
ISBN: 3540638679 / 9783540638674
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 782
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1998
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This book affords students, researchers and users valuable assistance in implementing new organizational concepts through the employment of new information processing techniques,. The structure of the book follows the business process of logistics, and offers detailed examples of how outdated organizational structures can be reengineered. The portrayals are embedded in the proven "Architecture of Integrated Information Systems" (Aris) and emphasize an holistic view of the problem through function, data and process models. At the same time, it shows how design specifications can be employed to translate requirements definitions into concrete system implementations.


Part A. : Architecture and Description of Integrated Information Systems
A.I. : Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS)
A.I.1. : Integrated Information Systems
A.I.2. : The ARIS Approach
A.II. : Selecting and Representing the Description Methods Employed
A.II.1. : Requirements Definitions
A.II.2. : Design Specifications
A.II.3. : Implementation Description
A.III. : Further Procedures
A.III.1. : Summary of Methods Used
A.III.2. : Tool Use
A.III.3. : Structural Criteria and Book Format

Part B : Logistics Processes
B.I. : Production Logistics
B.I.1. : Overview: Production Logistics Subprocesses
B.I.2. : Primary Requirements Management
B.I.3. : Requirements Planning
B.I.4. : Scheduling and Capacity Planning
B.I.5. : Production (CAM in the Broader Sense)
B.II. : Inbound and Outbound Logistics
B.II.1. : Overview: Inbound Logistics
B.II.2. : Requirements Definitions for Inbound and Outbound Logistics
B.II.3 : Design Specifications for Inbound and Outbound Logistics
B.II.4 : Implementation Description for Inbound and Outbound Logistics
B.III. : Human Resource Logistics
B.III.1. : Overview: Human Resource Logistics
B.III.2. : Requirements Definitions for Human Resource Logistics
B.III.3. : Design Specifications for Human Resource Logistics
B.III.4. : Implementation Description for Human Resource Logistics
B.IV. : Overall Concepts for Logistics
B.IV.1. : Integrated Planning of Sales, Production and Purchasing Programs (Primary Requirements Planning)
B.IV.2. : MRP II
B.IV.3. : Jon Control Center With Networked Segmentation

Part C : Integrated Product Development Processes
C.I. : Overview: The Product Development Process
C.II . : Requirement Definitions for Product Development
C.II.1. : Marketing
C.II.2. : Design Engineering
C.II.3. : Process Planning (CAP)
C.II.4. : Quality Assurance
C.II.5. : Planning Tooling and Fixtures
C.II.6. : Development-Concurrent Costing
C.II.7. : Planning Disposal and Recycling
C.II.8. : Summarizing and Supplementing the Requirements Definitions for Product Development
C.III. : Design Specifications for Product Development
C.III.1. : Design Specification for Product Development: The Function View
C.III.2. : Design Specification for Product Development: The Organization View
C.III.3. : Design Specification for Product Development: The Data View
C.III.4. : Design Specification for Product Development: The Control View

C.IV. : Implementation Description for Product Development

Part D. : Information and Coordination Processes
D.I. : Accounting (Value-Oriented Information and Coordination Processes)
D.I.1. : Overview: Accounting
D.I.2. : Requirements Definitions for Accounting
D.I.3. : Design Specifications for Accounting
D.II. : Information Management
D.II.1. : Overview: Information Management
D.II.2. : Requirements Definitions for Information Management
D.II.3. : Design Specifications for Information Management


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