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Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control

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Title: Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control
Author: Joseph S. Devinny, Marc A. Deshusses, Todd S. Webster
ISBN: 1566702895 / 9781566702898
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 320
Publisher: Lewis
Year: 1999
Availability: 45-60 days
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The number-one environmental threat to public health, air pollution remains a pressing problem-made even more complicated by the massive quantity and diversity of air pollution sources.
Biofiltration technology (using micro-organisms growing on porous media) is being recognized as one of the most advantageous means to convert pollutants to harmless products. Done properly, biofiltration works at a reasonable cost-utilizing inexpensive components, without requiring fuel or generating hazardous by-products.
Firmly established in Europe, biofiltration techniques are being increasingly applied in North America: Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control offers the necessary knowledge to "do it right."

Provides a comprehensive survey of biofiltration technology
Details the biofilter design and operation concepts used by engineers, consultants, researchers, policy makers, and general scientists
Conveys a basic understanding of how biofiltration works by means of contaminant adsorption and biodegradation
Includes otherwise hard-to-find information on the economics of choosing among various biofiltration systems, including details on important designs used in the field

Air Pollution Legislation
Types of Waste Gas Treatment
Historical Review of Biofiltration
Biofiltration Marketplace
Biofilter Terminology
Additional Biofiltration Resources
Mechanisms of Biofiltration
Gas Transfer
The Water Phase
Adsorbed Contaminants
Contaminant Biodegradation
Product Generation
Heat Generation
Biofilter Media
Criteria for the Choice of an Optimum Biofilter Medium
Materials Used for Biofilter Media
Description of Selected Biofilter Media
Controlling Factors and Operation of Biofilters
Water Content
Medium pH and Alkalinity
Contaminant Load and Surface Load
Oxygen Limitation
Air Flow Direction
Dust and Grease
Extreme Biofilters
Microbial Ecology of Biofiltration
Microbial Species in Biofilters
Substrate Utilization
The Microbial Community'
Biomass Clogging
Microbial Observation of Biofilters
Modeling Biofiltration
The Challenge of Modeling Biofiltration
Biofilm Models
Ottengraf's Model
Devinny and Hodge Model
Shareefdeen et al. Model
Shareefdeen and Baltzis Model With Patches of Biomass
Deshusses et al. Model
QSAR Models
Choi et al. Model
Johnson and Deshusses Model
Govind et al. Model
Design of Biofilters
Experimental Protocol for Assessing Biofilter Technology
Design of Full-Scale Biofilters
Costs and Economic Consideration
Biofilter Startup and Monitoring
Air Load
Medium Characteristics
Water Content
Medium Permeability
Biological Activity
Statistical Analysis
Application of Biofilters
The ARA-Rhein Biofilter: Wastewater Treatment Odors and VOCs
Odor Control from Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturing
Odor Reduction from Flavor Manufacturing in a Closed Bed Biofilter
The Poughkeepsie Biofilter: Wastewater Treatment Odors
Soil Biofilter to Treat Odors from a Fabric Softener Facility
Small Biofilters for Gasoline Vapor Treatment at a Soil-Vapor Extraction Site
Treatment of VOC Mixtures from Exhaust Air in the Wood Industry
Control of VOCs from Ink Drying Operations
Removal of High Concentrations of Ethanol from a Foundry Off-Gas
Large Open Bed Biofilters for the Removal of VOCs and Odors
High Concentration-Low Flow Biofilter for VOC Treatment
Soil Biofilter for VOC Removal in Flexographic Printing Off-Gases
Biofilter or Biotrickling Filter? Example of an Intermittently Watered Biotrickling Filter for Odor Control
Appendix A : Symbols
Appendix B : Selected Elimination Capacity Values
Appendix C : Conversion Factors
Appendix D : Absolute Humidity of Air Saturated With Water
Appendix E : Approximate Conversion of Selected Currencies

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