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Be Your Own Brand : Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are, 2nd Edition

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Title: Be Your Own Brand : Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are, 2nd Edition
Author: Davis McNally, Karl D. Speak
ISBN: 1259004120 / 9781259004124
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 146
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2011
Availability: In Stock
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This bestselling work describes how the art and science of brand building is typically identified with businesses, products, and services, but that personal and professional relationships can also be seen and managed in this very practical and effective light. The authors present "personal brand management" as a real-life professional development tool that creates and reinforces strong, enduring relationships fueled by each individual's core values and beliefs. McNally and Speak show how to conceive, convey, and manage a distinctive, relevant, and consistent personal brand-an accurate reflection of who you really are.

This revised edition leverages its past success (brand equity) to take advantage of the increased acceptance of personal brand as a personal and career development framework and for creating a competitive edge. Drawing on eight additional years of research and experience, the authors offer new information emphasizing the importance of relationship alignment; differentiating between a brand and a strong brand, and showing how social networks have impacted the branding process and how to use social networking to build a strong brand.

Introduction : Being More of Who You Are

Part I : Personal Brand Basics
Chapter 1 :
Personal Brand : The Perception That You Made a Difference
Chapter 2 : A Strong Personal Brand Delivers on Three Important Expectations
Chapter 3 : Your Personal Brand Is Perceived from Three Different Dimensions

Part II : Designing Your Personal Brand of Making a Difference
Chapter 4 :
Authenticity : The Cornerstone to Building a Strong Brand
Chapter 5 : Creating Your Brand Platform : Dimensions and Ethos
Chapter 6 : A Promise to Be More of Who You Are
Chapter 7 : How Strong Is Your Personal Brand Today?

Part III : Using the Power of Alignment to Build a Strong Personal Brand
Chapter 8 :
Aligning to Become a Stronger Brand
Chapter 9 : Personal Brand Building Has Gone Social
Chapter 10 : The Courage to Live Your Brand

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