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Basics of the Solar Wind

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Title: Basics of the Solar Wind
Author: Nicole Meyer-Vernet
ISBN: 0521814200 / 9780521814201
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 463
Publisher: Cambridge
Year: 2007
Availability: In Stock
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The Sun continually ejects matter into space, blowing a huge bubble of supersonic plasma. This solar wind bathes the whole solar system and shapes all planetary environments. The recent growth of space technology has considerably increased our knowledge of this medium. This book presents a modern introduction to the subject, starting with basic principles and including all the latest advances from space exploration and theory. It contains a short introduction to plasma physics and discusses the structure of the solar interior and atmosphere, the production of solar wind and its perturbations. It explains the objects of the Solar System, from dust to comets and planets, and their interaction with the solar wind. The final sections explore the astrophysical point of view. The topics are treated at various levels of difficulty both qualitatively and quantitatively. This book will appeal to graduate students and researchers in earth and atmospheric sciences, and astrophysics.


Chapter 1 : The Wind From the Sun : An Introduction
Chapter 2 : Tool Kit for Space Plasma Physics
Chapter 3 : Anatomy of the Sun
Chapter 4 : The Outer Solar Atmosphere
Chapter 5 : How Does the Solar Wind Blow?
Chapter 6 : Structure and Perturbations
Chapter 7 : Bodies in the Wind : Dust, Asteroids, Planets and Comets
Chapter 8 : The Solar Wind in the Universe


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