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Automation in the Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems : Theories and Implementation Techniques

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Title: Automation in the Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems : Theories and Implementation Techniques
Author: Bjorn Haugen, Ole Ivar Sivertsen
ISBN: 1138610763 / 9781138610767
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 208
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 15-30 days
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Automation in the Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems: Theories and Implementation Techniques provides a practical understanding of Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE), an approach that is driving automation in engineering. Companies are using the technology to automate engineering tasks, achieving gains in output, and saving time. This book will be the main source of information available for implementing KBE systems, integrating KBE with the finite element methods, and showing how KBE is used to automate engineering and analysis of mechanical systems. The process of combining KBE with optimization techniques is explored, and the use of software tools is presented in detail.

  • Introduces automation with Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) in generic mechanical design
  • Develops a framework for generic mechanism modeling including a library format
  • Explores a KBE environment for generic design automation
  • Includes design cases in KBE
  • Gives a presentation of the interwoven technologies used in modern design environments


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : State-of-The-Art Knowledge-Based Engineering
Chapter 3 : State-of-The-Art FE-based Dynamic Simulation
Chapter 4 : Framework for Generic Mechanism Modeling
Chapter 5 : Design Optimization
Chapter 6 : Environment for Design Automation
Chapter 7 : Interaction with the User
Chapter 8 : Automated Design Cases


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