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Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance

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Title: Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance
Author: Richard K. Miller, Stanley L. Robinson
ISBN: 0824780027 / 9780824780029
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 268
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1989
Availability: In Stock
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Keeping pace with recent advances in industrial inspection and quality assurance, this important reference/text explores current aspects of automated inspection as well as introduces topics that will play an increasingly prominent role in controlling quality in the future-gathering into one place material that has been previously available in a single volume.

Addressing techniques for applying automated inspection programs effectively and efficiently, this informative volume furnishes an overview of how computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) works and its relation to automated quality assurance(AQA)....presents new and evolutionary concepts on gaging, inspection, checking, machine vision, and robotic testing ...provides guidelines for installing complex electronic and computerized systems before purchasing costly equipment....examines through case studies ten major corporations that have successfully implemented CIM/AQA programs...and contains a handy directory of commercially available computer software, as well as distributors' names and addresses.

Complete with illustrations, Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance in an indispensable reference for all engineers and product manufacturers involved in quality control, and a valuable text for students in undergraduate and continuing education courses on quality control.

About the Series

Chapter 1 : Historical Overview
Chapter 2 : How Automated Quality Assurance Affects The World
Chapter 3 : Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Chapter 4 : Machine Vision
Chapter 5 : Sensors for Industrial Inspection
Chapter 6 : Robotic Inspection
Chapter 7 : Software for Quality Assurance
Chapter 8 : Inspecting The Product
Chapter 9 : Inspecting The Package
Chapter 10 : Developing The In-House Program
Chapter 11 : Artificial Intelligence : The Next Step
Chapter 12 : Case Studies

Appendix 1 : Glossary
Appendix 2 : Commercially Available Software

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