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Assessment and Reclamation of Contaminated Land

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Title: Assessment and Reclamation of Contaminated Land
Author: R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison
ISBN: 0727729888 / 9780727729880
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 184
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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Contaminated land and the methods and legal controls governing its reclamation, for subsequent development and use, are of great concern. Assessment and reclamation of contaminated land provides a comprehensive collection of articles that cover a wide range of issues and a detailed overview of the current state of the science of contaminated land.

The opening chapter of this book summarises the origins and extent of the contaminated land problem and reviews some of the latest scientific developments that are underpinning effective contaminated land management. The new UK contaminated land framework is discussed in detail, clearly outlining this new regulation and its intentions. Following on from this, risk assessment and risk management are addressed and the options for site investigation are analysed.

One of the important reasons for the remediation of contaminated land is the concern over possible adverse effects on human health. Assessment and reclamation of contaminated land deals specifically with issues relating to human exposure to contaminated land and current evidence linking contaminated land with effects on public health.

Assessment and reclamation of contaminated land has been contributed to by authors authoritative in their own specialist fields and will be an essential resource for those involved in the areas of land use planning and development, consultants and engineers in contaminated site investigation and remediation. It will also be of great interest to environmental regulators, and to both teachers and students in higher education.

Chapter 1 : The Extent of Contaminted Land Problems and The Scientific Response
Chapter 2 : The New UK Contaminated Land Regime
Chapter 3 : Identifying and Dealing With Contaminated Land
Chapter 4 : Contamianted Land and The Link With Health
Chapter 5 : Human Health Risk Assessment : Guideline Values and Magic Numbers
Chapter 6 : Ecological Risk Assessment Under The New Contaminated Land Regime
Chapter 7 : Remediation Methods for Contaminated Sites
Chapter 8 : Legal Liabilities and Insurance Aspects of Contaminated Land

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