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Architectural Acoustics

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Title: Architectural Acoustics
Author: M. David Egan
ISBN: 1932159789 / 9781932159783
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 448
Publisher: J.ROSS Publishing
Year: 2007
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The goal of this widely used book is to present in a highly illustrated format the principles of design for good hearing and freedom from noise in and around buildings. The more than 540 illustrations are not merely supplements to the text as with nearly all traditional books. In this book, the illustrations are the core of the coverage of basic principles of sound and hearing, sound absorption and noise reduction, sound isolation and criteria for noise, control of HVAC systems noise and vibrations, auditorium acoustics design, and electronic sound systems. The book is written for architects, interior designers, engineers, and all others concerned with the design and construction of buildings who need to know the basics of architectural acoustics, but who do not have the time to digest wordy presentations. Designers who understand the basic principles of acoustics will possess an important new tool for shaping the built environment. Hopefully, not only better acoustical environments, but also better buildings should result.

Offers more than 540 illustrations to visually explain basic acoustic engineering principles with complete clarity, and tables of engineering data that further enhance understanding and the usefulness of the text.

Contains many valuable checklists of design aids, data tables of sound absorption, and sound isolation properties for a wide variety of building materials.

Presents case study examples of common problems, and step-by-step practical solutions.

Provides handy access to useful formulas, a metric system conversion table, a summary of common building acoustic terms, and extensive references.

Foreword About the Author

Chapter 1. : Basic Theory
Chapter 2. : Sound Absorption
Chapter 3. : Room Acoustics
Chapter 4. : Sound Isolation
Chapter 5. : Mechanical System Noise and Vibrations
Chapter 6. : Speech Privacy
Chapter 7. : Electronic Sound Systems
Selected References on Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control

A : Summary of Useful Formulas
B : Conversion Factors
C : Use of Sound Power Level Data
D : Word Lists for Articulation Testing
E : Numerical Values for NC and Curves

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