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An Introduction to Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering, 2nd Edition

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Title: An Introduction to Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering, 2nd Edition
Author: David Gaskell
ISBN: 1606503553 / 9781606503553
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 684
Publisher: Momentum Press
Year: 2012
Availability: 15-30 days
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This classic text on fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transport has been brought up to date in this second edition. The author has added a chapter on "Boiling and Condensation" that expands and rounds out the book's comprehensive coverage on transport phenomena. These new topics are particularly important to current research in renewable energy resources involving technologies such as windmills and solar panels.

The book provides you and other materials science and engineering students and professionals with a clear yet thorough introduction to these important concepts. It balances the explanation of the fundamentals governing fluid flow and the transport of heat and mass with common applications of these fundamentals to specific systems existing in materials engineering. You will benefit from:

  • The use of familiar examples such as air and water to introduce the influences of properties and geometry on fluid flow.
  • An organization with sections dealing separately with fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transport. This sequential structure allows the development of heat transport concepts to employ analogies of heat flow with fluid flow and the development of mass transport concepts to employ analogies with heat transport.
  • Ample high-quality graphs and figures throughout.
  • Key points presented in chapter summaries.
  • End of chapter exercises and solutions to selected problems.
  • An all new and improved comprehensive index

List of Symbols

Chapter 1 : Engineering Units and Pressure in Static Fluids
Chapter 2 : Momentum Transport and Laminar Flow of Newtonian Fluids
Chapter 3 : Equations of Continuity and Conservation of Momentum and Fluid Flow Past Submerged Objects
Chapter 4 : Turbelent Flow
Chapter 5 : Mechanical Energy Balance and Its Application to Fluid Flow
Chapter 6 : Transport of Heat by Conduction
Chapter 7 : Transport of Heat by Convection
Chapter 8 : Transient Heat Flow
Chapter 9 : Heat Transport by Thermal Radiation
Chapter 10 : Mass Transport by Diffusion in the Solid State
Chapter 11 : Mass Transport in Fluids
Chapter 12 : Condensation and Boiling

Appendix A : Elementary and Derived SI Units and Symbols
Appendix B : Prefixes and Symbols for Multiples and Submultiples of SI Units
Appendix C : Conversion from British and U.S. Units to SI Units
Appendix D : Properties of Solid Metals
Appendix E : Properties of Nonmetallic Solids
Appendix F : Properties of Gases at 1 Atm Pressure
Appendix G : Properties of Saturated Liquids
Appendix H : Properties of Liquid Metals
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Answers to Problems

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