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Alternate Energy : Assessment & Implementation Reference Book

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Title: Alternate Energy : Assessment & Implementation Reference Book
Author: James J Winebrake
ISBN: 0824742893 / 9780824742898
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 243
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2003
Availability: 15-30 days
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Here's your opportunity to look into the future of energy technologies, with emphasis on alternative, or non-conventional technologies, their potential impacts, and the technical, economic and policy issues that will affect their successful integration into global energy markets. Over the past several years, industry and government have turned to a strategic planning technique called "roadmapping" to help assess future energy management practices and technologies. This book considers energy management and technology development over the next several decades by exploring data from these energy technology roadmaps. International in scope, the book examines both the technical and non-technical aspects of emerging technologies. Detailed technology assessments for specific alternative energy resources are presented. An overview of the problems associated with conventional energy consumption is included, as well as an insightful discussion of technology implementation issues from the author's own well-informed and cautiously optimistic perspective

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Lighting Technology Roadmap
Chapter 3 : Commercial Buildings Technology Roadmap
Chapter 4 : Residential Building Technology Roadmap
Chapter 5 : Windows Industry Technology Roadmap
Chapter 6 : Hydrogen Energy Technology Roadmap
Chapter 7 : Biomass Technology Roadmap
Chapter 8 : Small Wind Power Energy Roadmap
Chapter 9 : Solar Electric Power Technology Roadmap
Chapter 10 : Conclusion-Learning from Roadmaps

Appendix A : List of Photo Credits

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