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Air Quality, 3rd Edition

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Title: Air Quality, 3rd Edition
Author: Thad Godish
ISBN: 1566702313 / 9781566702317
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 448
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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Air Quality, covers all the new issues and challenges, as well as a new look at familiar concerns in the light of recent discoveries and scientific advances. This is a complete overview of the topic, written in an accessible, highly readable style by a respected expert in the field.
The book has been significantly revised from previous editions. A new chapter on quantitative methods adds an engineering perspectives to the subject and makes this book especially valuable to students and professionals. Revisions and additions to the information on indoor air quality reflect the increasing importance of this maturing science. You will find this book valuable in many areas of study, including all areas of environmental science, engineering, industrial hygiene, and health and safety programs.

Presents a new chapter on quantitative methods, which increase the usefulness of this work for engineering and related disciplines
Includes completely revised chapters on indoor air quality, with improved illustrations and new information on current standards.
Thoroughly revised throughout, reflecting recent changes in the Clean Air Act and new research on the air environment
Authored by an experienced professor who is an acknowledged expert in the field

The Author

Chapter 1. : The Atmosphere
Chapter 2. : Atmospheric Pollutants
Chapter 3. : Dispersion
Chapter 4. : Atmospheric Effects
Chapter 5. : Health Effects
Chapter 6. : Welfare Effects
Chapter 7. : Air Quality and Emissions Assessment
Chapter 8. : Regulation and Public Policy
Chapter 9. : Motor Vehicle Emissions Control
Chapter 10. : Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources
Chapter 11. : Indoor Air Pollution
Chapter 12. : Noise Pollution
Chapter 13. : Quantitative Aspects


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