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Advances in Object-Oriented Metalevel Architectures and Reflection

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Title: Advances in Object-Oriented Metalevel Architectures and Reflection
Author: Christoph Zimmermann
ISBN: 084932663X / 9780849326639
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 368
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1996
Availability: In Stock
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A collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed papers, all enhanced to include introductions to specific topics and relevant background information
A concise introduction to meta-level architectures and metaobject protocols
Use of metaobject protocols in operating systems, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and application development

The importance of object-oriented metalevel architectures, metaobjects, and reflection continues to grow in computer science. This applies to traditional fields such as artificial intelligence and object-oriented programming languages as well as to parallel processing and operating systems. Advances in Object-Oriented Metalevel Architectures and Reflection presents some of the standard-setting research in this field.

The book is structured with and introductory chapter that lays the necessary foundation for readers new to the field. The next five parts discuss operating systems, artificial intelligence, languages, concurrent objects, and application support. Each part itself has a brief introduction that presents the basics for understanding the particular topic.


Part I : Introduction
Chapter 1 : Metalevels, MOPs and What the Fuzz is All About

Part II : Operating Systems
Chapter 2 : Introduction
Chapter 3 : Using Metaobject Protocols to Satisfy Non-Functional Requirements
Chapter 4 : How to Structure Your Regional Meta
Chapter 5 : Bootstrapping the Object-Oriented Operating System Merlin: Just Add Reflection

Part III : Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 6 : Introduction
Chapter 7 : Self-Configurable Software Agents
Chapter 8 : Using the Clos Metaobject Protocol to Implement a Frame Language

Part IV : Languages
Chapter 9 : Introduction
Chapter 10 : The Design of a Metalevel Architecture for the BETA Language
Chapter 11 : Why the Clos MOP Should be Mopped: The ECLOS Metaclass Library

Part V : Concurrent Objects
Chapter 12 : Introduction
Chapter 13 : A Flexible Object Support System as Runtime for Concurrent Onject-Oriented Languages
Chapter 14 : Unification of Compile-Time and Run-Time Metalevel Definitions

Part VI : Application Support
Chapter 15 : Introduction
Chapter 16 : Incremental Redefinition of Open Implementations
Chapter 17 : Reflective Application Builders

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