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Advances in Nanodevices and Nanofabrication : Selected Publications from Symposium of Nanodevices and Nanofabrication in ICMAT2011

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Title: Advances in Nanodevices and Nanofabrication : Selected Publications from Symposium of Nanodevices and Nanofabrication in ICMAT2011
Author: Qing Zhang, W. I. Milne
ISBN: 9814364541 / 9789814364546
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 302
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Year: 2012
Availability: 15-30 days
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A variety of devices at nanometer/molecular scale for electronic, photonic, optoelectronic, biological, and mechanical applications have been created through the rapid development of materials and fabrication technology. Further development of nanodevices strongly depends on the state-of-the-art knowledge of science and technology at the sub-100 nm scale. This book presents and highlights some of the key advances on, but not limited to, electronic and optoelectronic devices of nanometer/molecular scale, nanomechanics and nanoelectromechanical systems, electromechanical coupled devices, manipulation and aligning processes at nanometer/molecular scale, quantum phenomena, modeling of nanodevices and nanostructures, fabrication and property characterization of nanodevices, and nanofabrication with focused beam technology.


Chapter 1 : Fabrication of Nanowires for Biosensing Applications
Chapter 2 : Novel Nanostructured Carbon Nanotube Electron Sources
Chapter 3 : Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene Nanostructures
Chapter 4 : Morphology Control at the Nanoscale of Polymer Composites for Organic Solar Cells
Chapter 5 : Theoretical Studies on Architectures of Straight Zigzag//Armchair Carbon Nanotube Junctions as Molecular Electronic Devices
Chapter 6 : Energy Dissipation Analysis of Defected Carbon Nanotube Oscillators
Chapter 7 : Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube-Based Transparent and Conductive Films
Chapter 8 : Effect of Edge-Passivated by Hydrogen on the Transport Properties of Finite-Sized Metallic Carbon Nanotube-Based Molecular Devices
Chapter 9 : A Study of Defect-Induced Electrical Breakdown on Individual Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Chapter 10 : Carbon Nanotube- and Graphene-Based Micro-Sensors and Reactors
Chapter 11 : Carrier Statistics Modeling of P-Type Graphene Nanoribbons
Chapter 12 : Various Tunable PCs/Quasi-PCs Structures Fabricated by Reconfigurable Interference System
Chapter 13 : Silicon Waveguide-Based Polarization Rotator
Chapter 14 : Silicon Micro Ring Resonator-Based Thermo-Optic Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) for Optical Communication Network
Chapter 15 : Tuning Plasmonic Resonance Wavelength by Ordered Silver Hole Arrays on Si and SiO2
Chapter 16 : Revelation of Temperature-Dependent Cathodoluminescence by Employing a Nanostructural Path Way in a Fe-Incorporated ZnO
Chapter 17 : Raman and Photoemission Spectroscopy Studies on Thermal Stability of Quantum Dot Consisting of Si Clad and Ge Core
Chapter 18 : Application of TEM Nano-Beam Diffraction Strain Analysis in Advanced Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 19 : Electron Mobility and Persistent Photoconductivity in Quantum Wells In0.52Al0.48As/In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As on InP Substrate


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