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Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Planning (APQP), 2nd Edition

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Title: Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Planning (APQP), 2nd Edition
Author: AIAG
ISBN: 1605341371 / 9781605341378
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 107
Publisher: AIAG
Year: 2008
Availability: In Stock
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The APQP manual provides general guidelines for ensuring the Advanced Product Quality Planning is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the customer. It does not give specific instructions on how to arrive at each APQP or Control Plan entry. These guidelines are intended to cover most situations that can normally occur in the early planning or design phases, or during process analysis. Questions about these guidelines should be directed to your authorized customer representative.


Chapter 1 : Plan and Define Program
Chapter 2 : Product Design and Development
Chapter 3 : Process Design and Development
Chapter 4 : Product and Process Validation
Chapter 5 : Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
Chapter 6 : Control Plan Methodology

Appendix A : Product Quality Planning Checklists
Appendix B : Analytical Techniques
Appendix C : Reference Material
Appendix D : Team Feasibility Commitment
Appendix E : Product Quality Planning Summary and Approvals
Appendix F : Glossary
Appendix G : Index

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